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Salumi Artigianali Armini is a company which has been operating since 1995.

Nowadays it’s the only firm to suggest Alba’s White Truffle Salami, besides its traditional delicious salamis, a fantastic Barolo Salami and the new entries: the roast sucking-pig (“porchetta”), the roasted ham and the shanks of the socalled “Boss delle Porchette”. The experience and the great ability in producing quality salt porks led to link the taste of Armini’s salami to the unique scent of the most valuable wine in the world and to the intense and unmistakable flavour of Alba’s white truffle. The success is immediate both for Barolo Salami and for White Truffle Salami. They cover at once the 50% of the production of the company. These products can be found only in the best European delicatessens.

Now, even you can buy and sell salt porks which will make the difference in your display to the public. The quality of the salt porks keeps up with the sweet and intense but never intrusive taste, in all the range of Armini’s production. Furthermore, Hams and Roast Sucking-pigs are absolutely not preservatized, the latest novelty for your and your customers’ health. The only limit we impose to ourselves is the quality of the product, which must be left excellent. Without giving up to the temptation of a mass production, to the detriment of the quality of the manufacture and of the raw materials.

Armini’s Salamis are made with meat which is selected carefully: the leanest part of the bacon, clean and stringless shoulder and leg. They are dressed with salt, pepper and “embellished” with the jewels of Piedmont, which are Barolo wine and Alba’s White Truffle. The grain is regular, with the right proportions between lean and fat part, in a perfect balance between sweetness and sapidity. Armini’s salamis must be enjoyed with a good glass of wine and some friends. All products are completely gluten free.