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Armini’s Salamis are made with meat which is selected carefully: the leanest part of the bacon, clean and stringless shoulder and leg. They are dressed with salt, pepper and “embellished” with the jewels of Piedmont, which are Barolo wine and Alba’s White Truffle. The grain is regular, with the right proportions between lean and fat part, in a perfect balance between sweetness and sapidity. Armini’s salamis must be enjoyed with a good glass of wine and some friends. All products are completely gluten free.

After ages spent in expressing our ideas of flavour with raw salt-porks, we have managed to make our dream true, immediately receiving great approvals from the people who have tasted these fantastic products. Always being keen on everything concerning food and high quality products, the idea of flavour and genuineness from which we have always been characterized, has led us to create a range of cooked products totally reflecting our creed. The baking takes place in ovens at a low temperature for many hours, according to the size of the product, and it ends raising the temperature to 300 degrees. In this way every specialty finds its own amount of colour, crispness and unique flavour.
There’s nothing left but to try them…